Sex Education 101 The Real Truth About Sex

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Sex Education 101


Most Sexually Active Women Prefer A Man with at least 8 inches of Cock.

This is an actual French Male Escort for Women (pictured) Did you know you can Buy a Well Hung Man for an hour or so of pleasure in your Country as well. Search 'Male Escorts for Women' make sure you check out their photos, and statistics (try at least 8" and make sure it is thick). Your Man will come to your hotel, your apartment, your home...wherever.. and will do whatever you want..anything. Imagine being licked for half an hour non-stop.... It will be your secret and a time you'll never forget or regret....or you could just die wondering what it would really be like.

In Action

There is nothing to fear from an Attractive, Hard and Thick Penis as long as you ensure you are sufficiently aroused, sexually, prior to allowing entry. The problem with Most Men is they don't understand if you are not aroused, you will not be wet and attempting to enter without your arousal will not be pleasureable. Step One: Insist on Him Having A Shower - and make sure you watch him showering naked - simply for 'Eye Candy" Step Two: Insist He Licks You Until You Nearly Orgasm (cunnilingus) and Now You're Ready for Step Three: Watch Him Put the Condom on or Put it on his Cock for him. Make sure you continue to stimulate it, as this is a time when a Man's weak mind can lose concentration and go soft on you. Note: Who said You Must Suck His Cock - Remember He Is Being Given a Real Privilege to have Intercourse with you and so, if you want to suck him that's ok, and if you don't that's ok too. Girl's Rules OK! Enjoy.

Thick is better than Thin!

A Hard, Thick Surprise!

What good is a Guy with an Average Size Cock (5.25") because a Guy with a Proper Sized Cock can still Wash your dishes and Buy You Shoes!

What looks better to you as a Woman? Which one would you take to a friend's pool party for skinny-dipping?

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Women who say Penis Size is not important should consider the follow scenarios...

1) Picture this you are walking down the street and you notice some great looking guys with their shirts off are behind the fence..they're laughing and joking and don't notice you. You want to see more so you go to the end of the fence and look around and Wow! they're all naked..and fully erect...Yum! But wait, there are five good-looking guys with fantastic, great, buffed bodies, but four have an average-sized cock, but one has an eight inch cock! Which guy looks better to you?

2) You and your Guy have been invited to a pool party with fact there are six couples there, and you've known them for ages. You have a few drinks, in fact the hostess has a little too many and insists that All The Guys Strip! The first of your friends does exactly that, and boy he is big...and getting bigger, the second one strips and he is not quite as big but at least 7 inches and throbbing...Now you know your guy, is average which is a little over 5 inches fully erect and when he is not erect, well he is between 2" and 3"...Do you want him to strip off in front of your girl friends?

3) You've been watching Adult movies, yes Porn that's right with your boyfriend...and you are really getting in the mood for it. In the movie, there are two real, typical studs with hard throbbing cocks...thick, long and hard and the women in the movie are reacting predictably when they feel those throbbing cocks. The movie ends and you guy starts touching you and you are turned on by his touch and the movie you have just watched. He removes his pants to reveal his 6 inch, thin, cock...Are you disappointed after your mental picture of the two studs in the video? When he enters you, does it feel how you imagined the guys in the movie would feel?

4) You've had a boyfriend for a long time and now you've broken up. The two of you were great together sexually and he wasn't big but he was around 7 inches. It took a long time to get over the break-up and now you've started dating again. You've been hot and heavy with three guys, no sex but heavy petting, with your hand rubbing their pants or you wanking them and each one is average size penis around five you wish they were at least the same size as your former partner or are you happy they are much smaller?

Now This Guy really is, Too Small!

If he doesn't have a Good Personality...who cares?

If the sight of a Man-Sized Penis is not attractive to you, it means you haven't experienced a Man who knows what he is doing and only had some idiot who forced his cock into you whilst you were not wet from sexual arousal. Any size Penis will be uncomfortable when that happens, which will make you think a proper sized apendage is going to be painful. Don't allow entry until your vagina is ready and then make him take it slow until you are ready for anything exceptions!



Sue E. writes: "I loved what you said about men's dicks. My boyfriend parades around in front of the mirror like he is a real man, when his dick is only about 6 inches. I'm gonna find a guy with a real good one and feel what I should feel when a Man is inside me"

ED: That sounds like a good idea, but make an appointment with a Well Hung Escort so that you get the full treatment and get him to teach you about pleasure, then you can teach your guy...don't break up with him because of his penis size, break up with him if he won't do as he is told"

Erica L. writes: "I wasn't sure if my man was well hung until I saw your pics...OMG!! If any other Girls saw my guy's thing they would crack up laughing...maybe I should trade up?"

ED: That happens a lot when you find out He won't go skinny dipping when other couples are around. I guess you might need a well hung guy for a special friend for skinny dipping and other stuff, and your main man for...conversation?"

Barbra T. wrote: " I have been with Men with Big Cocks, and yes it's true that they feel real good, but some of them don't know what to do for me, so I am going to take your advice and give them some tips"

ED: I'm pleased you are taking that advice, make sure every guy who has the privilege of being intimate with you washes himself properly.

Gloria B writes: "The Big Penises look really fantastic, I feel that I want to reach out and touch them, but I don't know if they would fit inside me 'cos I'm really small down there"

ED: If a Man with a Penis of say eight inches (which is the size most experienced women prefer) knows what he is doing, the foreplay will make it easy for you to accept the bigger size. You probably think you are too small because you have no experience of getting really wet from plenty of foreplay. When was the last time a Man licked you for at least half an hour before he entered you? Being licked should be compulsory for any man who wants to be intimate with you - right?


Vicky S. said: "OK I took your advice and measured my Husband and according to the chart he is only a little bit under the average size...but then he asked me why I measured him, and he took a look at the pictures in your he can't get it now he is small and soft"

ED: Men are so delicate when they are criticized about their penis, so what happened to your Husband is pretty standard. There are a couple of things you could do. Add an extra pill to his daily vitamins like THIS ONE and then make sure you turn him on with what you wear...try walking around naked, wearing heels and keep those on in bed. If nothing works then perhaps you could treat yourself to a Male Escort once a week. Call it 'Card Night at Susan's or something!


Dana P. wrote: "I downloaded an Adult Video showing a whole heap of Well Hung Guys, and it really turned me on, but then I got too silly and asked my guy to watch one with me, and he said they were all freaks and real men are not like that. Next time we had sex I asked him when he was inside me if he thought it would be good if he had a big dick, and so we had a big argument and he said my vagina was too big".

ED: That is so typical. Guys always strike out when they get found out. Men always believe it is never their fault, but think about it..if the average penis size is 5.3inches, then some men have anything from 2" to 7". A man with a 6" penis is hardly going to be as good as a 7" penis and so on. Of course, some penises are attached to complete pricks, so they don't count.

Wendy B writes: "After reading thru the Sex Facts website I feel as though I have been kept in a cave all my life. I thought I knew about sex and love-making, and thought my Husband was fantastic...and now I know I had no idea. I always thought that I must have something wrong with me because He always enjoyed the sex and I thought that was the Man's role, and I should be happy, but now you have opened my eyes. Trouble is, after looking at all those lovely photos, I am curious what it would feel like to be with a man who was so long and hard..even just touching a man's penis like that would be exciting."

ED: It is not unusual to read what you have said Wendy. It's like Men wanting to marry a virgin sounds like they want purity, but they really don't want their wife to be able to compare good lovers with themselves. We are never suggesting a married woman should experiment with another man and a marriage be ruined and then again, you must wonder where would you find a man who is so well hung...we'll give you a clue - search on Google for Male Escorts for Women. Your choice of course.


Go Ahead...He Won't Argue...Play with his Cock and watch his face react to the sensation. You Own Him Now..He's Yours. You Decide What To Do, Not Him. Girl's Rules OK.

These look very impressive and make the Man very proud, but always remember it is the power of the Women, (your power) that will determine if it really is impressive.

There's nothing like taking a Man like this to the Beach just to make other Women jealous.

It is even more fun if you make him go hard when he is wearing bikini style briefs at the beach. 


Will you feel sorry for Him with such a Baby Cock? Or will you just laugh and tell your friends?

"Tooth Pick Anyone?"

The Last Word....

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