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   - Philip S ., 86 years old

I am 66 years old, and I finally found your product works like you say it will, and the best part is no side effects or that sick feeling I would get with those others, my wife said what is going on with you, you haven't been this hard in the last few years, I am not going to tell her, what I am taking. I just wanted to send you folks a note and say thank you for a wonderful product.

   - Jerold ., TX 66 years old

"many thanks    and was well happy with your product    was well drunk on new years eve  and normally nothing happens if you know what  i mean     but that has changed with these  all night and all day  lol ."

   - Thomas B., 53 years old

"I'll be honest with you... I don't have erectile dysfunction. I take EnduroMAX merely to improve my performance. On my first try, it took me about 15 minutes to get the hardest imaginable erection of my life! Mind you, at that time, I was just having a cola while watching MTV. There was no stimulation - mental or physical. The next time I had it, me and my girlfriend had the greatest sex ever, which lasted well over 1-1/2 hours! Ever since then, I have come to rely on EnduroMAX whenever I need to have great sex!"

   - Eric S ., 45 years old

"I had heard my friends talking about their sexual performance and it got me thinking, perhaps my partner did not want to tell me I wasn't as hard as she liked, so I took some positive action. I didn't like the idea of new chemicals in my body so I tried Maxman the herbal alternative. I haven't told her what I am taking and she is absolutely loving the new me."

   - Richard L., age unknown

"Premature ejaculation - that's my biggest problem. My girlfriend left me for my best friend after failing to get satisfaction in bed from me. It busted my ego for sure. I tried all ways to solve it but to no avail, until I discovered EnduroMAX. After being on this god-sent herb for a week, not only was my problem gone, I can last 50 minutes without a problem..."

   - Juanito S., 29 years old

"I am a medical doctor by profession. Years of drinking and smoking took a toll on my sex organs. As a result, I could not have and even I did (occasionally), I could not maintain a stout erection. I didn't take Viagra because of its side effects. A friend from South Africa recommended me to EnduroMAX. As it is herbal and stuff, I felt safe to ingest. To cut to the chase, I am now able to enjoy a full session of satisfying love-making with my wife 3 times a week. By the way, I am 62 years old."

   - Dr. Bertrand S., 62 years old

"I AM SO HAPPY WITH YOUR ENDUROMAX!!!!! I still figured it would be like other products I have purchased and not work but much to my surprise it worked better then I could have ever hoped for. 45 minutes after taking 1 capsule I achieved an erection like I haven’t had since my teen years. The best part was it continued to work through the weekend. Here it is Monday morning and everything is still in working order. Thank you so much for your excellent product. "

   - Larry G ., 54 years old

"Being diabetic, I had trouble getting an erection, I am aware you guys said it is not recommend that I use your product with diabetes, but the first time I used EnduroMAX, I got an almost immediate uplifting effect. My wife was stunned!"

   - Peter S. L ., 67 years old


   - William H, 63 years old

"Thanks to EnduroMAX, I now have a fulfilling sex life that I never had before! My wife jokingly suggested that I should act in porn movies now!"

   - Srinathi S. , 45 years old

"My name is Bill, and I just turned forty nine last month. When I was forty two I suffered a brain injury from a twenty four year Printing job. I have suffered with loss of Libido, some impotence and peripheal neuropathy for some years now. Along with this I have been diagnosed with MCS or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Thus many herbs and vitamins can and do make me ill. I just got back from a months visit to the Philippines to see my fiance. I took two EnduroMAX capsules every three days, and I was like an absolute sexual animal all month, with NO detrimental side affects whatsoever! Thank you so much for this absolutely amazing product!"

   - Bill F, 49 years old

** Enduromax Erection Pills for Men **


Did EnduroMAX do what was advertised?

Yes/No: (explain) yes I feel like I am a real man again

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Given that the product was shipped to you Internationally, did your order arrive in a timely manner?

Yes/No: (explain) Yes no problem there.

Will you be buying EnduroMAX again?

Yes/No: (explain) you betcha.

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